Awards to young Cermians scientists

Lucia Gigli, a PhD student, wins the Premio di Laurea in memoria di Sara Lapi" 2018. Link

Alessia Vignoli and Veronica Ghini, two young post doc scientists at CERM, have both been awarded with a two-year fellowship from the Fondazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro – AIRC for research projects on metabolomics.

Alessia Vignoli will carry out a project on "METabolomic profile as a prognostic biomarker of risk of recurrence in patients operated for COLon cancer (METCOL)".

The project of Veronica Ghini will be focused on "Multicenter metabolomic study for the prediction of response to immunotherapy in Non-SmallCell Lung Cancer".


Cristina Licari, a PhD student, wins the study award to the memory of "Giovanni Imperato" - year 2018, from the University of Pisa for her graduation thesis. Link


December 2018